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1. Favorite movie?
Erm, I'm bad at keeping track. Megamind? The Lorax? I have a thing for movies with sympathetic villains as the main characters. If they made a Loki spinoff movie, that'd be awesome.
2. Current obsession?
Danny Phantom. There's a Phantom Rewatch revival thing going on right now so there's all these lovely artists and fic writers coming out of hiding for it.
3. Your most played song?
By my itunes' count it's 'Into the Dark' by Death Cab for Cutie but its glitched up so many times I know that's not right.
4. What's something you are sick of?
Talking with the college administration and making sure all my stuff's in order for the fall semester.
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
Alexander Rybak. He's adorkable and I love to hear him play the violin. Also Tom Hiddleston is very sweet.
6. What fictional character you have cried for?
A shorter list would be what fictional character I haven't cried for.
7. What country you would love to visit?
England. If only to get a picture with one of the decommissioned Tardis's. I think Chef Ramsay's main restaurant shut down so I'll never be able to eat there even if I did make it to England.
8. Sweet or sour?
Sour. Pickles are great. I like sweet things but I can't stand too much.
9. Ever had a pet?
Lots. We lived on a small farm for a long time so I had all kinds of animals. Right now we have dogs, rabbits, and chickens all living in peaceful harmony.
10. What's your best friend like?
One's silly and you can hear her laughing a mile away, but she's pretty cool and really fun to have around. The other is stubborn and kind of lazy in trying new things, but she humored me in most of my obsessions and is really fun to talk to and go to the theater with.
My questions:
1. What color do you hate the most?
2. You're dropped straight into the world of your favorite show/movie/game. Where are you and what would you do?
3. If you could shape shift into any ONE animal what animal would you want it to be?
4. One thing you absolutely can't stand?
5. Favorite comfort food?
6. You have one whole day with a celebrity of your choice. What's the first thing you'd do?
7. What was the song you last listen to?
8. Favorite game you played as a kid?
9. Would you rather live where it's always too cold or always too hot?
10. "All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?"(Doctor invites you along in the Tardis. Where and when would you chose to go? )
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